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Need Help with your website?

We provide our web hosting clients with Flash movie tutorials, an online knowledge base and online technical support via email. Please look in your control panel for these helps.

Rarely is technical support from us needed. Usually a problem is due to errors in your own scripts or other issues under your control. If tech support is needed, we will respond with professionalism and caring assistance. Requests for help received by 5 PM EST will be returned by the end of that day; tickets received after 5 PM EST will be returned by the end of the following day (unless either day is a federal or religious holiday). The office is closed on Sundays, but we check our email often.

We provide support for our servers, control panels, and any software we install. We provide support covering the proper installation of the "easy install" scripts found in the Fantastico control panel module. While we will always attempt to help, we are not experts on the use and customization of all of the included applications. Support forums are typically found at the application's home website.

Everything else is your responsibility. Make good use of the tutorials that are available in your control panel and on the Internet.

Generally, we do not support 3rd party applications. We recommend that you obtain support from the authors of those applications.

If you've checked to make sure it's not a problem at your end, such as the misconfiguration of a script, submit a Support Ticket.


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